Radiant heat is the most comfortable form of heat for humans, whether it comes from the sun, a hearth fire or modern, discreet and efficient heating systems.

With radiant heaters, we use the principle of radiation to directly heat objects, surfaces and people rather than heat the air.
This avoids any waste by stratification of the air linked to convection, a phenomenon typical of traditional heating systems. Many think the heat is rising, but only warm air rises, the latter being lighter than cold air. Heating the air creates a convection current that carries the warm air up the room. The warm air that rises is replaced by cold air. With convection heating, such as traditional wall heaters, a lot of heat is lost in the unoccupied upper space of the room.

In fact, the air temperature can rise up to 3 ° C for every vertical meter in a room. THERMODECO products emit up to 75% of their heat by radiation. The convection is thus reduced and the majority of the heat is diffused directly towards the occupants.

Using radiant heating reduces thermal stratification and provides comfort at lower room temperatures, saving significant amounts of energy. In fact, a radiant heating system can easily use 52% less energy than an electric baseboard system.

Thus, radiant heating is available in our different models and is suitable for any type of use: the heart of each device comprises elements of a radiant heating film which allow an ultra-flat design and rapid, efficient and reliable heating, while optimizing the production of heat by radiation.